Tips on Choosing Bath Mats

Generally, small spaces such as bathrooms require items of decoration. Since flooring, fabrics and fixtures are all close together, making a choice on the right interior items to match with each other is very essential. Bath mats offer warmth and comfort within a small space. They can as well unify the interior decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to choose mats that will be able to pull the bathroom together and offer comfort and safety. There are various tips that you can observe when making choice of the mats such as:

Number of mats

You should first make a decision on the number of mats you will require for your bathroom. You can consider placing one bath rugs in front of your sink and a second for outside the bathroom. It would be necessary to take measurements on the spaces you will be placing the mats. This is in order to buy well fitting mats for your bathroom. This also makes it easier to shop for the mats especially if you will be ordering them online or require custom designs.


It is also necessary to consider the size of the room when deciding on the number of mats to buy. For instance, it would not be visually appealing to place three small mats on a large bathroom. However, it would be better to place two large mats in such a bathroom. On the other hand, it would not be visually appealing to place one large mat in a small bathroom. It would be more appropriate to place two small mats in such a bathroom.


When considering the color of bathroom mats, it’s necessary to ensure that the choice of color will match with other bathroom items and flooring. A simple mat can easily merge the bath space and also tie all the other bathroom elements together. On the other hand, multi-hued mats can draw in the most colors of the curtains, wood and flooring.


The pattern of the mat should be put into consideration such that it can match best with other patterns of items in the bathroom. For instance, a bathroom that has many patterns should be matched with a mat that has a plain design such that it will balance with other designs rather than complicating them. If a bathroom has stylish finishes, a mat with ornate styles should be chosen.


When it comes to choice on the shape of bathroom mats, small bathrooms would match best with round mats of mats having fringe trims. Larger bathrooms can match well with rectangular or square mats.


A bathroom is basically a wet room and it is therefore necessary to avoid mats that are slippery. Bath mats made of fabric only materials are most prone to slippery. You should consider mats that are not slippery especially on tiled floors. It’s also advisable to consider mats that absorb dampness such that floors may not end up having moulds. Mats made from cotton absorb any moisture, unlike rubber mats. They should however be dried whenever wet.

With such tips in mind, making a choice on bath mats will have been made easier.

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