Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can benefit you

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can benefit you and your family in more ways than one. Asthma and allergies is a main concern when it comes to keeping your carpets clean, not just clean but a deep cleaning. Carpet fibers trap dust and particles which reduces there circulation in the air, cleaning your carpets removes dust and allergens from your home. Pets in the home can leave hair, fleas, and flea eggs, along with pet odor. Choosing to have you carpet professionally cleaned will eliminate these types of problems.

There are several different methods to cleaning your carpets. Hot water extraction method sprays hot water with a soap combination, while using a vacuum to suck up the excess water. This method is good because of the hot water it uses, one disadvantage would be that not all of the water can be extracted. Dry carpet cleaning is another method to use for very quick drying times, of one to two hrs. The disadvantage to this method is it’s not intended for heavily soiled carpets. Some experts recommend alternating systems, steam clean in the summer months, and dry clean in the winter months.

The Bonnet buffing/ skimming method uses a rotary machine with an attached skimming pad. This method would most likely be better for very short pile carpets or carpet tiles because of its tendencies to cause pile flattening. There are many different companies out there to choose from and there are a lot of different places you can actually rent a carpet shampooer yourself. It is important to make sure all of your carpet technicians are certified and experience in professionally cleaning your carpets, not having your carpets done properly can cause more harm and damage to your carpet than you started out with.

There are also companies out there who can assist you in finding the right company to choose and give you a list of qualified companies who have good feed back and results from previous clients. So remember choosing the right method is important for the type of job you need done and the type of carpet you have, it’s also important to choose the right company for your needs.

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