Checking your home for termites once a year is recommended

Checking your home for termites once a year is recommended by all areas and all experts, and Brisbane is no exception. Brisbane is known for its subtropical climate, which is perfect for the local termite. Termites thrive in areas that have heavy rain and flooding. Having your home inspected yearly will help in removing and reducing the number of termites you would see from year to year. Termite treatment brisbane are the distant relative of the ant, which makes perfect since that mostly in Australia they are known as white ants.

Termites like ants live in colonies, they have there queen, generals, and workers. When a colony is at its maturity you could see several million termites all living in a part of your house or maybe in your backyard, either one would be disastrous. Termites number one food source wood. Termites will literally eat right through your home. Termite management not only gets rid of the pests but will stop them from ever returning. There are a lot of companies out there and most of them wont charge you to come out and do an inspection of your home and yard, that way if you don’t have any, it wont cost you anything to find that out.

Companies will offer different packages that will fit your particular need and certainly your particular budget, but all will take care of the problem. Some companies will let you take pictures of your troubled areas and send the picture right to the specialist who will determine right away if there is a problem to be dealt with. A good termite company will offer infrared technology, also known as thermal imaging. This method will detect things the human eye cant see, such as roof and shower leaks and most important it can pinpoint areas that have a high concentration of termites that may need removal of wall sheeting for the repairs to take place.

When an area is infested the technicians will perform a dusting or foaming. This dust termites love to eat and take home to there colony where they will transfer it from them to the rest of the colony, leaving none behind. A couple of days later your specialist will return and set up a barrier to prevent any termites from ever returning, thus leaving your home in its beautiful and complete structure it once was, before any pesky pests ever got a hold of it.

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