How to find the Right Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

There are times when your carpet cannot get any cleaner irrespective of the number of times you clean it. Some stains still remain on the carpet and it seems to change color leaning more towards a dirty look. It may be time to buy a new carpet but before you embark on this expensive venture, you may want to consider the services of a professional carpet cleaning service. Many of us may think that hiring a professional is a costly affair but in truth it may end up saving more on money and time than expected.

Professional carpet cleaning companies are a dime a dozen and if you are ill advised, you may select one that costs you more than saves you money. The first rule in selecting a carpet cleaning company is not to select one that calls you over the phone or gives you a price based on the size of the room. The cost determinant should be the total area cleaned because room sizes can vary and in most cases the carpet will not cover the whole room. If a professional carpet cleaning company uses popular cleaning product brand names, this is not an indicator that the company has any affiliation to that company. You need to check the company’s certification with the local professional body.

When selecting a professional carpet cleaning company, do not shy away from asking the following question:

• How long has your company been in business?

• Do you do deep cleaning and if you do, do you first vacuum the carpet? Vacuuming the carpet before deep cleaning is a vital indicator of a carpet cleaning professional and if they do not then move on to the next on the list.

• What type of cleaning solutions and equipment do you use and do they have the seal of approval? This is to certify that the products to be used on your carpet have been tried and tested.

A professional carpet cleaning company ought to have someone come and inspect your home so as to determine the scope of the work and the problem areas they will have to deal with. Once the inspection is done by the professional carpet cleaning company they should give you a written contract with a breakdown of the cost as well as any guarantee the company may offer.

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